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Johari Window (SLPD assigment)

Name : Maula Akhadin
NIM  : A.320080273
Class : D

in this occasion I, as one of the students who take courses SLPD, commissioned by Mr. Abdillah to observe some of the people in the business implications of the observations of Johari Window in one's personality. The following results of my observations (to avoid 'ghibah', I was forced to disguise the name):

1. Rianto , my close friend from school days till now. in this ums he took psychology majors, so it can be ascertained as to our future story. with all the intelligence and expertise in psychology he is adept at putting themselves in existing communities. actually he's a good person, but with some communication behaviors, I put him on the spot 'Games Man' in the Johari Window is. yes, the Rianto has a character that mysterious when you're communicating with someone, especially with new people he knew. with a very calm demeanor, one can camouflaged that he was an intelligent. his most clever digging info from others, especially if people who talk to are people who speaks much, almost no time left to drain out information from others, the most remarkable of him is that he alawys answer the question with a 'question' , he reverse what people ask him. but despite that, he's good enough to get along with if we already know the true propagators.

2. arman, he was a neighbor of the boarding room with me, as is his nature that makes him close to anyone, even though the original style of his village did not want to miss, actually I am a bit confused in putting this position, but with some consideration, I put him in the 'open-minded', as with all what it was, he was the right person for when to communicate in both directions.

3. which is also still a boarding house with me, Hendri, wrote such a call,  he is fitting really when invited to talk together, because in addition to 'open-minded' he was also a humorist, he did not hesitate to tell his life but he is quite welcome when invited to confide in her friends, completely free-roaming second communication if the same again with him.

4. another friend of my boarding house, i call him Reno , he is really hard to socialize with other residents of boarding, to just smile when crossed just hard. if I describe him, he was nothing more than zombies. he just talk to people who really knew it. and certainly other people who tried to approach him first to get close to him. of all things in him, there is one of the most wonderful of him, he could have a girfriend.

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